Mangusta world tour

EL LEON: Italian shipyard, Italian owner, Italian captain

About the tour

El Leon, a 54 m GranSport yacht – the largest ever built by Overmarine Group – was the first Mangusta to cross the Atlantic Ocean and cruise around the world. From the glaciers in Alaska to the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific, all the way to the breathtaking landscapes of the Indian Ocean, El Leon covered 52,000 miles in nearly 3 years – a journey by both land and sea that was planned down to the last detail. This versatile vessel was designed and built to have no limits and make no compromises between performance and comfort – her drive to explore the world will surely lead El Leon to conquer to new horizons.

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Viareggio - Gibraltar - Cape Verde

“‘So where can we go?’ the Owner asks me. ‘With this extraordinary yacht we can literally go anywhere’, I reply. So we set off from Viareggio, where El Leon was built, toward Cape Verde. We stop and refuel the vessel and ourselves. The great Atlantic Ocean crossing awaits us. Italian shipyard, Italian owner, Italian captain: we couldn’t be more ready.”



Cape Verde and Barbados are divided by more than 2450 miles of ocean. Crossing in six days is possible: the 4800 nautical miles range of the Mangusta El Leon guarantees the success of the mission.


Panama Canal - Galapagos - British Columbia

“In front of us there are 1200 nautical miles of coastline. The idea of seeing beautiful inlets from El Leon comforts and motivates the crew after the fatigue of the ocean crossing. These are places that few people are lucky enough to visit. We feel really lucky.” Capt. Paolo Bozzo Costa



Mangusta GranSport El Leon can count on the 4-engine/4-propeller drive combination that make cruising comfortable and versatile, even in shallow waters. Qualities that are not usually associated with a yacht but yet enhance this superyacht.


California - Baja California - Pacific Ocean

“Only a few days to leave Alaska behind and reach Baja California thanks to the great top speed of 30 knots that El Leon can achieve. From the white landscapes, we suddenly find ourselves immersed in the most beautiful red sunsets in the world. Unforgettable.” Capt. Paolo Bozzo Costa


French Polynesia

The key number for the Mangusta GranSport 54 El Leon is 4800: that’s the nautical miles of range. This means it can offer the crew perfect stability and excellent performance, essential features for crossing the Pacific Ocean and reaching the paradise of French Polynesia.


Bora Bora - Fiji - Gold Coast - Raja Ampat

“A new challenge is on its way: facing well-formed swell waves. It’s like purgatory reaching Raja Ampat, with its unimaginably blue waters and incredible wildlife. Without El Leon’s powerful electronic stabilizer control system, we would not have made it through this crucial stage.”
Capt. Paolo Bozzo Costa





“We set out on the Southeast Asian cruise using Bali as a strategic base. We take full advantage of El Leon’s “Fast Surface Piercing Hull” which maintains displacement mode even at high speeds. When you have technologies like that at your disposal, you can focus on the scenery: Indonesia is one of the most beautiful and scenic places, it’s mystifying to think that it is quite unknown to the yachting world.”
Capt. Paolo Bozzo Costa


Thailand - Maldives - Suez Canal - Mediterranean

The last cruise before returning home is the most melancholy, but also the happiest. The Mangusta GranSport 54 El Leon concludes the transatlantic crossing and establishes Mangusta as a major player in the ocean-going ship segment. The voyage is over but the life of El Leon has just begun: this splendid yacht will continue to be an explorer of the planet.